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Alp Arslan Season 2 Urdu Subtitles

AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 40 Urdu and English Subtitles

AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 40 Urdu and English Subtitles

Mr. Alp Arslan. Mr. Alp Arslan. Are you okay brother? Baghdad” You’ve been sleeping since we came to Baghdad, sir. It’s time to wake up; We made you drink the antidote that Minister Ma slam a brought twice. Your temperature dropped, but you didn’t wake up though. And now you have to drink it one last time. Pour out the antidote. This amount is sufficient. Allah is the greatest! You were right to send the poisoned book before you set out on your way to Baghdad.

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I gathered all the doctors and had them check him out. They prepared the antidote before you got here. Honorable Minister… Why did the Sultan order me to come to Baghdad? We consulted with your uncle, Sultan Tughrul… And the decision we made required that you come to Baghdad urgently… But it is the Caliph who will personally tell you why you have been invited here. When you drink this panacea, you will quickly regain your health.


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Don’t worry, let’s drink it. Oh God.. Oh healer.. Oh God.. Oh healer.. In the name of of Allah the Merciful. When will we appear before the Caliph? Tomorrow, at noon, proceed to the “Keir” market, entering through the “Shammasiya” gate. And start there walking around like any other customers near the horse shops… And to enter the stall of horses from which one of them comes to you and approaches… He asks you, “Do you like the smell of agarwood or amber?”

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I will be waiting for you in that shop. But be very careful, Mr. Alp Arslan… Otherwise, the men of Prince Arslan Al-Basasiri may reveal our affair. Sir Suleiman. My lord! Thank God you woke up. We have to get out quickly. What happened? They are the men of Prince Al-Basasiri. They keep wandering around. So they know we’re coming! They followed me when I came here too… I tried to make them lose my tracks by tracking down my guards, taking different routes…


AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 40 Urdu and English Subtitles



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But I don’t know if I made them lose track of me completely or not. That is why you should move to a safer place as soon as possible. To where? My assistant will take you elsewhere in the city… And you have to stay there until tomorrow for your own safety. Before he fully recovered? Can you walk, brother? The antidote will work quickly. You have no doubt about this. Insha’Allah. Come on. So you hid in that hole! Come.. As long as your assistant stays with us…

It would not be right for you to come back on your own. For this reason, Mr. Albagot and Mr. Artoc will escort you to your place. You gave up. Don’t forget what I said and be very careful. See you tomorrow. Good-bye. Delivered. Please. They are not here, there is no place left that we did not search. We searched all the streets. I found them. are you sure? I have seen them with my own eyes. Come on! Black stone…

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The pearl of the Kaaba. Now, the largest part of this pearl… We have it, Asaad. His Highness “Al-Must an sir”, the successor of “Egypt”… His blessed hand… He will put that piece next to the others where it belongs. And this is… It means the completion of the black stone. The Union of the Islamic World under the banner of the Fatimid Caliphate… He will be united and reach prosperity. God willing, Your Highness. You risked your life to get the blessed stone. Your effort will not go unrewarded. And now, Asaad… The committee sent by the Caliph of “Egypt” to take the stone on the way.

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