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Alp Arslan Season 2 Urdu Subtitles

AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 37 Urdu Subtitles

AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 37 Urdu Subtitles

They could attack at any moment. Let us build a wall of bodies in front of them when they come. How many men do you have that you can sacrifice, “Attakour”? If I die… I won’t worry about you. I understood that today. Who protects her husband… She will do more than that for her country. I know now. There is a prince’s wife as tall as a mountain after me. Do not say this, Mr. Alp Arslan. I’m not in a situation to make you leave me and go.

Death does not strike those who defy him and approach him like you. Poison in my blood is running. I feel it. Weakens me. You will be fine, Mr. Alp Arslan. And also, You have no right to wrong me like this. Cruelty? Yes, injustice. I came, leaving my homeland, to be the wife of the Emir of the Seljuk state, which I have been repeating all my life. I will not face this punishment alone. I hope you realize how much responsibility you have,

Albagot. Never worry, sir. “Albagot”! Oh, Prince Suleiman. Don’t frown like that. In my opinion, you will not stay in Sivasa for long. Because as far as I can see, Alp Arslan’s health condition is not good. And Mr. “Yanal” isn’t there anyway. As for Erbazkan… He cannot fill Alp Arslan’s place. There is only you left. This makes you very valuable from yesterday to the Seljuk state. Did you see. We are both very fortunate.

You will not be able to beat the Seljuks. Close! Isn’t Alexander back yet? Unfortunately, sir. I can’t believe you’re still looking for Suleiman in the woods yet, Alexander. Vasporagan. What do I say and what do you do, “Saferiye”? While Alp Arslan was about to die, you went and saved his life! What should I have done. Should I have watched with pleasure Mr. “Alp Arslan” and his soldiers die in front of the infidels?

Do you think that the problem now has to do with the Seljuks and the Karakhanids. Aren’t we all descendants of Oghuz, isn’t this the law of the Turks? Whatever. Alp Arslan escaped death but… I spoke with the doctors. What did they say? They said they did not have a cure for Alp Arslan’s disease. Now, come back to your senses, Saferiye. The rule of Vasporaghan is in your hand while he is on his deathbed.

AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 37 Urdu Subtitles

We will move.. Before Alp Arslan got to his feet. Let’s see if you’re comfortable, you bastard Turk! They may find Alexander, sir. We must hurry. Watch me well. Bring the horses at once! I will kill that Alpagot with my own hands! Damn the Turk! I should have never trusted him. I also had to chop off his head with the survivors of Vasporagan. Having endured all this torment, he could have deceived everyone, Father.

Don’t blame yourself. What should we do? Do we assure the success of our enemies? Where are these horses? Help him oh my god. What are you doing, Flora? Mind you, they’ll notice. Governor, I’ll tell you something. You wouldn’t let me kill him, Let me go after him at least. A wolf is the best at following another wolf. It would have been better if I went after him. Mr. Yanal, don’t be alarmed, but…

I understood again how wrong it was to trust my leave just a little while ago. So don’t get involved in this. – What I mean… – Don’t interfere, Mr. Yanal. Help him oh my god.Flora, come on inside. Come on. Is there a problem? The antiquities are recent. A large group just passed by here. Maybe it belongs to our soldiers. But we are near the Seljuk lands. It would be good if we could check it out. Hey, go ahead and check out the road.

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