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Alparslan Season 2 Hindi Subtitles

Alp Arslan Season 2 Episode 38 In Hindi Subtitles

Alp Arslan Season 2 Episode 38 In Hindi Subtitles

Alpagot, look at the horses! You losers, catch them! Come on! What are you waiting for? Damn you! Go after them! Solomon is wounded and cannot escape for long. “Vasporagan” May he be well, Mrs. Akin Ai? What is your condition? what happened? It’s not good, Mr. Batur. Not good any more. The doctors said they couldn’t find a cure for the poison. Dear Alp Arslan… My hero and my indestructible elm tree will die, Mr. Batur. My hero will die.

AlpArslan Episode 38 Hindi Subtitles

Mom! – “Albagot”! “Albagot”! “Albagot”! Mom. It’s over, Mom, it’s over. I am back now. The longing is over. Mom. Sir, praise be to God who brought us together. By God, I knew that Al bag hut would not leave you there. Let them take care of your wound right away. Not a deteriorating wound, Mr. Batur. But… What is your condition? Tell me this. Alp Arslan? Or did something happen to Alp Arslan? Mighty God… while he brought me together with my son,

AlpArslan Episode 38 Hindi Subtitles

It will make me collapse because of my longing for the other. Longing for what, Mom, “Akin Ai”? What are you talking about? “Annie’s Castle” They escaped, didn’t they, Governor? I told you. A wolf is one who can follow in the footsteps of another wolf. You made the mistake of not letting me kill him, Governor. Thank God my God. Did we have another way to take Vasporagan without war, Mr. Yanal? This is another mistake, Governor.

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If you want to take an inch of the land of the Turks, You have to fight. It’s too late to talk about this. Right, but you had to listen to me. Land taken with Seljuk blood, Trying to take it politically is the biggest mistake, Governor. Our great mountain behind us, Our leader, whose back does not touch the ground, Could this be done to you? What is this treachery? What is his last state? I said he has no medicine. Right? Right, Mr. Atseys.

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We have tried everything we have to heal our master. But we did not get a result. Unfortunately, sir… Don’t you! You, doctor! Forget what you were going to say whatever. Don’t say another word. Calm down, Avar. A lot will happen before the sun rises! We have to calm down first, brother. Is it not a shame that a soldier does not try to prevent the death of his master? How am I going to live with this burden now?

Will hope be cut off as long as the soul does not leave the body, Artoc? Avar! Do you not think what our master would say if he saw us in this situation? Would he not say that pessimism is forbidden to us? I want an ointment right away for Mrs. Saferiye… Is it good? What is your condition? Search everywhere and everything well. There must be a trace to prove that the “Albagot” has hatched many betrayals. Stop! What is this?

What are you looking at? Damn you! Get inside! Find traces of the things that bastard Turk wove. And you enter! Have you seen Mrs. Saferiye, Mrs. Akin Ai? She was next to Mr. Alp Arslan. – May it be well, Mr. Batur? – It’s good, of course. Mr. Suleiman came, and Albagut came. Then he came from Baghdad. Hope to find a cure for the disease of Mr. “Alp Arslan”. What are you really saying, Mr. Bator? Thank God, Mrs. Akin Ai, thank God. Thank you God

How big you are! Come on, come on. “Annie’s Castle” Albagot perfectly established his system in Annie. “Kecavmenos” did not even realize. Did we realize? In your opinion, was he using this place to go out and enter the castle secretly, you infidels? And what else would that be? That being the case, I too will come with you to Baghdad. Saferiye Hatun…

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